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Jacob Gavin's Captivating LiveJournal
El Diario Vivo Interesante de Jacobo Gavino
Mom Visit! 
8th-Nov-2011 02:31 pm
It was so good to have my mom come in town to see me :)

Some of the things we did:
  • Got fed at the Shed
  • Visited the casinos
  • Drive-thru daiquiris
  • Stennis Space Center
  • Toured the MS West Coast
  • Rode the Tour Train
  • Peter Anderson Craft Festival
  • Karaoke in Ocean Springs (Mom even sang to me!)
  • Toured NOLA
  • Partied on Bourbon Street
I can't wait to get home.  This really was a nice finale to the area. 

I feel done with Biloxi.  It's time to start over again.
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