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Jacob Gavin's Captivating LiveJournal
El Diario Vivo Interesante de Jacobo Gavino
Mild public update for the last three months... 
1st-Feb-2012 12:51 am
In general, life has been pretty boring, in a pretty good way.  I miss the amazing weather and exercise-friendly infrastructure of the Gulf Coast, but I'm not going to complain about living in a nice house with good food for free.  My job is still awesome, and I could see myself working at the Park Vista for as long as my grandmother is alive.  If anything were to ever happen to her, I would more than likely move, but I've already talked to my mom about alternative arrangements.  She's selling her car, which I turned down, and my car's doing pretty good.  I still have a spoiler and muffler on my list of things to buy as money becomes available.  At the same time, I will be taking advantage of a great opportunity at the end of the month.  I found tickets to Las Vegas for about $160 round trip (which surprisingly is $125+taxes from Hell), and I get comped rooms at almost anywhere.  I don't think that's because I play that much, I just think they're desperate to get anyone out there.  So I got a suite at the Rio.  I know it's off the Strip (and I so almost booked the Flamingo), but it's just so freaking cool.  Half naked people and Chippendales running around all over the place and one of the biggest pools in Vegas and therefore the world, I mean, come on.  It's perfect.  I'm really excited.  Not a whole lot else going on here, but of course, there will be a friends only entry with some of the more juicy stuff :)
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