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Jacob Gavin's Captivating LiveJournal
El Diario Vivo Interesante de Jacobo Gavino
A Bipolar Shift... 
22nd-Apr-2012 01:12 pm
Well it seems the chemical end of a depressive phase is leading way to a bit of an intense manic episode.  I can't sleep, I feel like a whole new person, and I'm about to attempt to start a relationship with Raj.  I spent EIGHT hours immaculately cleaning out my car yesterday.  There was a film of salt and sand covering most of the interior that I had to scrub off.  I guess I brought some of Biloxi home with me.

I was so so depressed last week.  It's strange but fitting that my chemical state is more like a slingshot than a pendulum.  If you just barely pull on the thing, it doesn't do anything, but if I have a major depressive episode, it tends to fling me over to the other side on a moment's notice.  I wonder if I may have a touch of dysmorphia thrown in there too, because I feel like I even look different to myself in the mirror.

A brain is a strange thing.
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