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Jacob Gavin's Captivating LiveJournal
El Diario Vivo Interesante de Jacobo Gavino
Chinese New Year 
10th-Feb-2013 12:05 am
It's the Year of the Snake, Jake the Snake, that is.

This year is about me.  I need to fix me.  Over the past few days I've made some important realizations about the things I need to do to feel complete again.  So here's my commitments:
  • Continue my resolution to travel.  It's all about self-fulfillment and revitalization. Travel is good for the soul.  And travel I will!  I'm committed to reaching HHonors Gold Status by going on at least a mini-vacation each month. This is going to be awesome.
  • I'm going to be healthy.  I just smoked my last cigarette.  I can't just up and quit cold turkey unless I'm ready, and I'm ready.
  • I'm going to eat much better.  It's totally okay to splurge occasionally, but I can do this.  I'll be trying not to eat after 8pm, avoiding fried foods, and sticking to more proteins, fruits, and vegetables.
  • I'm recommitting to exercise at least every other day, like I did in Biloxi.  No shit, I gained 75 pounds over the past 2 years, and that's gotta go.
  • I'm following through on my "Be Like Adam" plan of customer service.  The friendlier and more humorous I am with my guests, the happier all of us will be.
  • I'm going to keep my room and car in order.  If I've got to be in a place that isn't my own, at least I can keep it safe and organized.
I can do this.  I'm so ready!
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