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Jacob Gavin's Captivating LiveJournal
El Diario Vivo Interesante de Jacobo Gavino
Letters to Bradley 
30th-Nov-2013 11:25 pm
The Winner
I'm the roulette player.
I bet the numbers.
35 to 1.
They call me foolish.
Worst odds in the casino.
It's the thrill of the game--
You win big & you lose big.
But damn, it's fun to play.
I never know what will happen
Some days are better than others,
And when it pays
It is indescribable.
Sure, it can go quick
beat me up fast
but it still feels good
to have played at all.
I'll never win as much as I lose,
at least on paper.
The experience stays with me
completely worth whatever it costs.
The wheel will never beat me.
I'm a lucky bastard.
And even when I lose
I win.

Being an Oak
Looks strong as an oak
Solid and green
But fall is always coming.
No one would know
the winter storms
he's had to persevere
without the cover
of his beautiful leaves.
He's frail and vulnerable
and every year is the same
Growing fresh new leaves
just to lose them again.
Lightning could strike
at any time
and finish him off.
But he has to grow stronger.
They're going to build
a treehouse
for the little girl to play.
She'll need his shade,
his shelter from the storms.
He knows he won't last
but while he's here
He's strong as an oak.
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