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Jacob Gavin's Captivating LiveJournal

El Diario Vivo Interesante de Jacobo Gavino

6 November 1984
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10 years, ace of base, alanis morissette, ambient pop, aqua teen hunger force, babe, beanie babies, being gay, bjork, blink-182, bluff mountain, bob barker, body piercings, box car racer, boys, boys kissing, caffiene, cantilever barns, cars, casinos, celine dion, cellular telephones, cher, chili's, chipotle, clothes, clove cigarettes, coloring books, comfort food, cowboys, cracker barrel, cuddling, dallas, daria, demo's, dogma, dolly parton, dollywood, driving, eclipses, español, evanescence, ex-boyfriends, expensive houses, exploring, express men, fajitas, fashion, fleetwood mac, flip flops, fountains, frank sinatra, french food, friendship, gay boys, gay clubs, gay guys, godsmack, golden girls, great smiles, happiness, heartsong, hillary clinton, honda, hoodies, incubus, initial d, itunes, jagged little pill, japanese cars, jimmy eat world, joe biden, ketchup, kettle corn, kissing at stoplights, la caretta, laughing, leather-bound books, lindsey lohan, linkin park, losing weight, mandy moore, memphis, midtown memphis, mitsubishi, motorola, moulin rouge, my chemical romance, my chris, napoleon dynamite, new beginnings, nintendo, parachutes, passover, pasta, people who know themselves, pickles, picnics, piercings, pigeon forge, pigeon forge high school, punk rock, queer as folk, quizno's, rebirth, red and black, reform judaism, rent, rest in pieces, rhodes, rhodes college, rocky horror picture show, roller coasters, rustic houses, ryan reynolds, safe sex, saliva, sandals, saved!, saying "fuck", shopping, skaters, skechers, so-called chaos, south park, spanish, sr-71, super smash brothers melee, supposed former infatuation junkie, taking pictures, tattoos, techno, the all-american rejects, the format, the idea of ending, the lucky hippo, the price is right, trance, trapt, under rug swept, uninvited, velour, wilco, y tu mamá también, yankee candles, young and the restless, zelda, , ,